Tuesday, August 21, 2012


  • Want to make fast progress? 
  • Want to review the last class you took before weekly classes restart September 16th? 
  • Want to jump to the next highest level?
If any of these apply to you then you have an opportunity to take an entire level of Tango Fusion compressed into two back-to-back Sunday intensive workshops. The full five hours of Levels 1, 2 and 3 of Tango Fusion will be offered in a pair of 2.5 hour intensive workshops over two Sundays on September 2nd and 9th.

All the workshops will be located at the Martin Batchelor Gallery (see 'Venues' tab). Cost for an intensive workshop is the same as the cost for any level: $50/person or half-price if you are a post-secondary student or retaking the level. Coupons (ie. Groupon/Couvon/Ethical Deal etc.) can also be used for the Level 1 Intensive. Please register by email in advance as space is limited and previous workshops tend to fill up.

Tango Fusion Level 1
11AM-1:30PM (5 hours total over both Sundays)
Tango Fusion Level 2
2:30PM-5PM (5 hours total over both Sundays)
Tango Fusion Level 3
6:30PM-9PM (5 hours total over both Sundays)

To register please email:

dancefusionvictoria [at] gmail.com

This is Tango Fusion.