Tango Fusion is currently offering private lessons and limited group lessons on Sundays at the Martin Batchelor Gallery.

Tango is hard. It requires sustained effort to learn, but the payoff is worth it! For this reason Tango Fusion recommends private lessons, and offers a free introductory private lesson for those wishing to give tango a try. Private lessons can be booked by an individual follower, or can be shared by up to 4 individuals comprising a maximum of two partnered couples. Individual leaders can also book private lessons, but will require a partner to assist as follower.

We are currently taking private lesson bookings for Sundays, as well as a limited selection of times on other days of the week if Sundays do not work for your schedule.

Private Lesson Costs:
• Base cost is $50/hour (includes studio and instructor time)
• Students trying Tango Fusion classes for the first time can book a free introductory private lesson, after which they are eligible for a one-month (4 hour) introductory package for $100.
• Continuing students are eligible to buy discounted 5-hour packages for $200 ($40/hour) or book from class to class at the $50/hour rate.

If you have a group of 5 or more who all want to take lessons together we can schedule a private group class just for you, as a weekly class series, an intensive bootcamp workshop, or intermittent lessons to accommodate any schedule. Private group lessons require pre-payment in 5-hour blocks.

Private Group Lesson Cost:
• $50/person for 5-hour series ($10/hour/student) with flexible pace and scheduling.

  • Beginner Level 1: Absolute Beginner (weeks 1-5) lays the foundations. This class introduces the fundamentals of frame and connection, with a strong emphasis on lead and follow skills. The class will move at the speed of the group, and time permitting may tackle ochos. Mastering fundamentals is necessary before attempting to build on them. You can't do calculus until you master algebra. Absolutely no dance experience required.  No partner required!
  • Beginner Level 2: Beyond Beginner (weeks 6-10+) builds upon the foundations of level 1 and introduces the grapevine, molinete, ganchos  and variations. This class requires a knowledge of basic Argentine tango. Students with a background in partner dance who know they learn quickly can jump straight into level 2 if they take a private lesson covering the level 1 material. The instructor must approve all admissions that bypass level 1. No partner required!
  • Beginner Level 3: Beyond Beginner (weeks 11+) continues to work on and refine the grapevine, molinete, and ganchos in preparation of the necessary skills needed to tackle the intermediate level classes. We also introduce role reversal, requiring all students to begin learning both lead and follow. Students must have a working knowledge of the material in Beginner Level 2 prior to registering for this class. No partner required!
  • Intermediate Level 1: Introduces the cross system with blocks and captures. To register for Intermediate 1 you must have a crisp working knowledge of open embrace Argentine tango, including frame and connection, ochos, molinete, and ganchos. Those who have not completed Tango Fusion beginner classes must get instructor approval to register. No partner required!
  • Intermediate Level 2: Designed to further build your repertoire while working on the critical lead/follow communication that achieves the final goal of purely improvisational dancing. We will do a variety of dips, wraps and leans to mix into your existing menu. To register you must have done Intermediate 1 or have instructor approval. No partner required!
  • Techniques Class: For intermediate thru advanced tango dancers, this class teaches variations and augmentations to your tango repertoire, including triple ganchos, barridas (drags) and sacaddas (displacements). We focus strongly on the subtle mastery of technique across a broad range of levels using exercises and drills, rather than memorization of a particular set of patterns. A range of skills will be accommodated and students will be expected to lead and follow equally well. Registration is for 5 week blocks, and each set will focus on different themes. The prerequisite for the class is flawless mastery of all beginner level material. Admission requires instructor approval. No partner required!
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