Saturday, June 16, 2012


Back for our third round, Tango Fusion is pleased to again partner with Dan Falk and Tango Moderna from Vancouver in order to present another Sunday afternoon intensive Nuevo Tango workshop here in Victoria!

Nuevo Tango represents the newest and most modern evolution of tango. It is a direct extension of traditional tango, but develops and analyzes the dance in new and innovative ways. Dan teaches a pure Nuevo style of tango that will appeal to the youthful and creative energy in all of us. This style of tango can also be seamlessly integrated into West Coast Swing, producing a popular fusion dance known as 'swango.'

Workshops will be 3 hours in length and cover specific topics. Cost is $30/person, registration (and payment) required in advance.

The next workshop will be:

Date TBA
12 Noon -3:00 PM
Martin Batchelor Art Gallery (see 'venues' tab)
$30/person advance registration.

This workshop will be geared for those who have never done Nuevo Tango before, but who have some basic dance experience in Argentine Tango or West Coast Swing. The later portions of the workshop will delve into more advanced topics for those dancers with more experience. This workshop will focus on introducing drags (barridas) and displacements (sacadas).

Prerequisite: beginner experience with either Argentine Tango or West Coast Swing.

Advance registration is required. To register or if you have questions please contact Tango Fusion:
dancefusionvictoria [at]