Group classes operate on 5 hour cycles in order to allow progress from class to class. Students must register in advance and may not do drop-ins unless they have done the same class before. The current class schedule is listed on the side bar to the left.

It is Tango Fusion policy to keep each timeslot "cohort" together for as long as possible. This means that when a particular class comes to the end of the level that time slot will automatically be scheduled as the next higher level class starting the following week, so long as there are sufficient individuals who wish to continue into the next level. New Level 1 classes start roughly every 5 weeks, give or take some variability on account of holidays.

Cost:  $50 / 5 hour level.
Registration:  dancefusionvictoria [at]

Cost:  $50 / hour.
Gift Certificate:   Buy 4 hours get 1 hour free.
Bookings:  dancefusionvictoria [at]

The following categories receive discounts. Sorry, no multiple discounts ;)

Current Post-Secondary Students:  50% discount applied to
  • Group classes
  • Private lessons
  • VIP memberships
Retake Previous Level:  50% discount on group classes previously completed.

Starting September 2012 you will be able to buy a VIP pass to Tango Fusion and Swing It classes! This membership will give you a special all-access pass to ALL (yes ALL) classes being taught by Tango Fusion or Swing It during the period the membership is valid. The only caveat is that you must have fulfilled any prerequisite required for a particular class (obviously a beginner can't jump into a Level 3 class) or have received special instructor approval.
* All classes require advance registration, VIPs are no exception to this rule.
* Class registration is first-come-first-serve, VIPs do not get line-jumping privileges.
Semester Schedule: VIP passes are based on a four month semester system.
Fall: September thru December
Spring: January thru April
Summer:  May thru August
Cost:  $200 for a four month semester! What a deal!!

To register please send an email including the following information for each person who wishes into the class: Name, Phone #, Email, Payment Category (General Admission, Discount, Coupon, or VIP Pass), and Class Start Time.

This is Tango Fusion.